The Scottish Guild of Servers

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The Scottish Guild of Servers is an organization which is part of the Scottish Episcopal Church - one of the member churches of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

We are a fellowship of lay persons - men and women, young and old - linked together by ideals of reverence, devotion and service in the Sanctuary.  We are present at the altar during celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, praying with the celebrant and giving such practical assistance as will enable the service to be conducted with due dignity.

Membership is open to all who act as altar-servers in the Scottish Episcopal Church.  Bishops, priests and deacons are also welcome as Associate Members.  Our patrons are the Scottish Bishops.  The Guild has links with the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary in England and with the Order of Saint Vincent in the United States of America.

We aim to foster devotion and deepen the spirit and power of worship among all who serve in the Sanctuary; to encourage more frequent attendance at the Holy Eucharist; to encourage members to meet for the purpose of devotion, instruction and fellowship; and to provide, for those who desire it, simple instruction and guidance in the Spiritual Life.


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