Concerts and other events promoted by the Guild, either on its own or in conjunction with other bodies.


A list of all organizations currently affiliated to the Guild, with links to individual websites.


How to join the Guild, either as an individual or as an organization, and the benefits of membership.


An annual award to enable one or more young people from the area to pursue their studies in any of the performing arts.  The award is administered by the Executive Committee on behalf of the Trustees.


The Guild's Constitution in full, which tells you all you need to know - and probably more! - about the Guild's aims and organization.



AYR ARTS GUILD is a voluntary body with membership open to any person or group interested in the objects of the Guild.  

The purposes of the Guild, as defined in its Constitution, are:

To promote, encourage and foster public interest in the study, practice and knowledge of the Arts within its area.

In practical terms  the Guild seeks:

  to assist in organizing, managing, presenting and producing stage plays, concerts, art exhibitions and other presentations as will advance public education in the Arts.

  to make arrangements, plans and programmes either in conjunction with local dramatic, musical, cultural, artistic and educational societies and organizations or on its own initiative.

  to co-operate with the local authorities and local dramatic, musical, cultural, artistic and educational societies and organizations for the establishment of local concert halls, theatres, arts centres and similar facilities.

                 Rozelle House Museum and Galleries

The Guild is a registered charity (SC 005562) and has an ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING which appoints an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  This committee meets about six times in the course of the year and carries on the work of the Guild on behalf of all its members.